KUAT NV 2″ / Bike Rack Roller™


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Bike Rack Roller™ for the Kuat NV 2″ (First Generation) Bike Rack

The Bike Rack Roller™ allows you to easily transport your heavy hitch mounted platform bike rack. The Bike Rack Roller™ gives you the freedom to move your bike rack from the vehicle to its storage location. Take your bike rack in an elevator, through a narrow doorway, down a path or wherever you need to move your bike rack.

This Bike Rack Roller is specifically designed to transport the first generation Kuat NV bike rack for 2″ Receivers. The KNVA will not support any other make or model of bike rack, please browse our other Bike Rack Rollers™ to find one specifically designed for your make and model of bike rack (Coming Soon).

No Assembly Required. Bike Rack Not Included.

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The Bike Rack Roller™ is made of natural wood, and is unfinished. We decided to leave the Bike Rack Roller™ unfinished without any potentially harmful stains or paints.

The hard plastic casters are designed to roll with resistance to negate the added weight and complexity of wheel locks. Do not store on a gradient without securing the The Bike Rack Roller™.

The Bike Rack Roller™ is intended to be stored indoors and only used for transporting a bike rack a moderate distance on relatively smooth surfaces, don’t take it a mile down an asphalt or gravel road!

We’ve tested the Bike Rack Roller™ for over a year before releasing and it should last many years in normal use with your heavy platform bike rack.

No Assembly Required.

Made in the USA from domestic and imported parts.

Cactus Brothers, LLC is not affiliated with KUAT


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Weight 117 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in